Modern finances for the global citizen

We exist to empower the growing number of global professionals (small businesses, freelancers, international contractors, remote workers) get paid and manage their finances.

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Ada Yeo
Francesco Renzi
Angela Santurbano
Lauren Messner
Bruno Faviero
Allison Pickens
Anna Yuan
Josh Lee
Vikram Rajagopalan
Lauri Moore
Nikhil Kumar
Kendrick Kho
Justin Banusing
Tim Wee
Kim Lembo
Zach Abrahms
Zach Abrahms
Sarah Smith
Phil Hedayatnia (Airfoil)
Donnie Flood
Charles Hua
Gavin Kho
Spencer Shulem

why parallax

We're changing the face of finance for global professionals.

It's no secret that banking and international payments has its problems. Instead of helping us turn hard work into financial stability, they pose us obstacles and headaches.

From high transaction and bank fees, to slow money movement, to non-transparent withdrawals. On top of that, there isn't a lot of know-how in how the growing cohort of global workers should manage their finances.

We can now marry modern banking tools with innovative technology to build products for global professionals from the ground up.

Parallax is our solution.


Mika Reyes


Alex Kuang


Yan Bussières

Software Engineer

Pedro Tavares

Software Engineer

Isidora Duma

Software Engineer

William Lee

Software Engineer


Act like an owner

Simplify and focus

Be bold

Cultivate trust, humility, and empathy

Seek growth and challenge

We're hiring