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We’re paving the way to make crypto the ubiquitous form of global business money movement.  Join us.

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Zach Abrahms
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why parallax

Our mission is unlock the power of crypto for businesses.

We believe that crypto is a superior form of money movement. It's faster, cheaper, and more convenient — especially for international transfers, where the alternative is a wire that has a hefty fee, takes forever, and may or may not get lost on the way. Its impact is especially felt in emerging markets, where many are unbanked and require faster & cheaper means of payouts.

However, barriers make it difficult to adopt today - from poor user experiences to a lack of understanding of compliance to the various steps & tediousness of the surrounding work.

We’re building tools & infrastructure to unlock the powers of crypto & help businesses and individuals focus on what they do best.


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Yan Bussières

Software Engineer

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Software Engineer


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We're hiring